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GoldiLox - A Protective Cover for Your Concrete Flooring During Construction

Glued-Down Protection

Damage Resistant


As Low as 82¢/FT

Protecting Polished Concrete Surfaces During All Stages of Construction

temporary glue down adhesive

Glue-Down Protection

easily peel to remove

Peel to Remove

cost effective


concrete protection

Protects Concrete

durable protection


Large area of concrete with GoldiLox applied to surface for protection
Rolls of GoldiLox and buckets of GoldiLox adhesive

As Low as 82¢/FT

Protecting Polished
Concrete Surfaces
During All Stages of

Minimal labor time

Labor Time

Safe and secure

Seamless &
Slip Resistant

Long Lasting


High damage resistance

High Damage

Paint bucket spilling


The just right protection

Unlike cardboard, Goldilox is a composite floor covering that temporarily adheres to concrete surfaces creating a weather resistant, seamless, and durable protection that is an affordable alternative to more expensive and over-engineered options.

Minimal surface protection
Cardboard roll


Inexpensive but Weak

Maximum surface protection
GoldiLox Roll


Just Right

Maximum surface protection
Overpriced roll


Overpriced and

GoldiLox concrete protector being used to protect a concrete slab that is exposed to the elements

Protects during all Stages of Construction

apply as soon as 10 days after concrete is poured

Reduce job time, cost, and call-backs by polishing and protecting the concrete before other trades arrive onsite.

Construction Damage Resistance

Protection that matters to get the job done

Provides protection for the most common job- wide damages that polished floors are subjected to throughout construction.

Withstands Construction Vehicleswithstands trades abuse and foot trafficProtects Against Spills
construction vehicle driving directly over concrete surface that is protected by GoldiLox
two men easily installing GoldiLox products directly on polished concrete for protection.

Glued-down Protection

Prevents debris from getting under the protective barrier.

Goldilox is a seamless, high traction floor covering that is temporarily glued in place and will not move until it is peeled off at the end of construction. Our seamless covering meets NFSI/ANSI friction standards which reduces slipping and fall liabilities.

NFSI High-Traction

Fast Application & Removal

Quick, effective, long lasting

Simply roll out the fabric, apply the adhesive directly over it which will flow through the open mesh fabric to the concrete. Once construction is done, peel to remove.

no specialty tools needed
man using squeegee to spread GoldiLox adhesive over GoldiLox fabric to protect concrete surface from damage
GoldiLox concrete protector installed directly on surface of polished concrete with framing installed over GoldiLox

Polish before Framing


Meets ISO 20743 antimicrobial & ASTM G21 antifungal standards. This allows you to polish before framing, frame directly on top of protection, and make construction layout lines and markings directly on Goldilox.

Antifungal  ASTM 621Antimicrobial ISO 20743

Fire retardant

Resists welding & heat damage

Meets Class 1 Fire/Flame retardant ASTM E 648 and NFPA 253.

man grinding and creating sparks on construction site on a concrete floor that has been protected using GoldiLox protucts
Man using heavy duty construction tools directly over GoldiLox concrete protector

Resists Uv and weather damage

Protects for up to 24 months

Install as soon as 10 days after the concrete is poured, prior to framing and dry-in. Can be left exposed to the elements for up to 24 months.

UV Resistant
Construction site using GoldiLox concrete protector to protect concrete surface during construction.

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Patent Pending Intellectual Property

The ultimate Cardboard Alternative

Goldilox’s patent-pending approach is the most cost-effective means of protection.

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