Man applying GoldiLox on concrete to protect surface

Installation Guide

You Will Need:

Goldilox Fabric Roll

Fabric roll size

65”W x 375’L

Total fabric coverage area

2,000 sq ft/roll

Goldilox Adhesive Bucket

Adhesive volume

5 gallons/bucket

Total adhesive coverage area

80 sq ft/gallon

Cutting Tool

Razor knife, box cutter, scissors, or similar cutting tool


Foam or soft rubber floor squeegee or low-nap roller

Paddle mixer and cordless drill

Paddle Mixer and Drill

The Application Process

Step 1:
Roll Out Fabric

Roll out 10-20 feet of GoldiLox open mesh fabric at a time, to insure straightness, with the logo facing up.

Overlaps roll with the previous roll by 3-4 inches. Refer to the printed guide markings on the fabric.

How it Compares


The site must be dried prior to installation

Surface damage has already occurred


Adhesive is applied first yielding less coverage per sqft

Required to work in small sections

Site must be dried prior to installation

Specialty tools required

Step 2:
Apply Adhesive

Pour out adhesive directly onto the fabric. Using a low-nap roller or foam squeegee, evenly spread the adhesive. Cover the fabric completely at a rate of 80 sqft/gallon.

How it Compares


Free floating, causing debris/ liquid to get underneath the cover

Seams routinely open up creating a trip hazard & general products failure


Fabric is pressed into a bed of wet adhesive

Slower production rates

Requires more laborers & material

Requires special tools

Step 3:

Lift a corner and peel back at a 45-degree angle. Dispose in general garbage bins.

How it Compares


Will require removing and re-applying when cardboard is worn out


Typically requires specialty tools for removal

Learn How to Easily & Correctly
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